We take responsibility for sustainable development!

We work actively and very proudly for sustainable development. But what does it really mean? For us it's about that we want to be a responsible company with a long-term perspective.

- Always have the environment in mind
An important and natural part of Limogroup Sweden AB is that we work for a reduced environmental impact. We invest a lot in educating our drivers in climate-driven car driving to minimize emissions.

We choose to hire workshops that are environmentally certified. We wash our vehicles on environmentally friendly car washings, where we know that they  use environmentally friendly products.
We also place great emphasis on planning our runs to minimize empty runs.

We have specific routines for our drivers to be performed daily as well as weekly, to for example check the air pressure in the tires.  

We maintain cars continuously to ensure they are in top condition.
Once a year in connection with the inspection, we make extra impartial environmental control (this is documented).

- Environmental vehicles
We strive for all vehicles to be environmental vehicles. We can proudly tell you that the majority of our vehicles are environmentally responsible.

- Co-worker in the center
Limogroup Sweden AB wants to be the best employer in the industry.
We care about our staff. We offer good working conditions, good working environment, good benefits and great freedom for our drivers. We train our
drivers in advanced driving and smarter driving.

- Eco Driving of the office
We are constantly working to minimize energy consumption. We prefer to use electricity instead of wind power and hydroelectric power. This means that Limogroup Sweden AB has a relatively small climate impact from electricity consumption.

- Reduced mileage
Limogroup Sweden AB is constantly working to minimize itineraries. Therefore, we have some cars scattered in Stockholm, so all cars do not leave the garage. Our drivers do not need to visit the office daily to get their work assigned, but instead get their work assigned through the app in the phones that we use in the vehicles.